George Coller had endured so much in his short life with the constant traumas of coping with Asthma. Eventually it all got too much for his little body and he passed away in his sleep.

He was only three years old and his death was a needless tragedy.

His mother Kim Douglas was devastated at his death and was determined that his life would not pass in vain. She vowed that she would do all she could to prevent other children and their families suffering needlessly with this highly prevalent condition.

With a lot of hard work the George Coller Memorial Fund was launched in 2000. Its aim was and still is to raise awareness about Asthma and to improve healthcare for all those children suffering with the condition.

Since our launch we have gone from strength to strength and we are launched nationally at the end of 2003 in the form of a Grand Charity Ball.

We have helped families in their homes, bought vital hospital equipment, spearheaded a number of awareness campaigns and in January 2004 we were very proud to employ our first George Coller Asthma nurse.

We are now sponsoring school nurses to take their Asthma diploma and receive vital Asthma training. We have also raised enough funds to employ a new George Coller Asthma Nurse within Birmingham Children’s Hospital where she is now based.

We are continually committed to working towards a brighter future for children with Asthma and its all in the name of George!

George Coller