As the charity has grown, we have had the opportunity to sponsor and support many projects over the years, thanks to the generous donations from numerous supporters and benefactors.

These donations have allowed us to achieve the following:

  • Providing vital hospital equipment
  • Help sponsor an Asthma helpline
  • Sponsor children with Asthma to go on medically supervised holidays
  • Offer help and advice to the families of Asthma sufferers
  • Developing awareness campaigns concentrating on improving Asthma policies within schools
  • Providing low cost practical aid in the home for children with Asthma (i.e. dust mite covers and filter vacuum cleaners)
  • Sponsoring and supporting School Nurses to receive vital Asthma training
  • Supplying training to school staff, school nurses, Nursery schools and child minders
  • Free Family support and school training package

We know these projects make a massive difference to the level of care for children affected by Asthma.

We feel it an honour and a privilege to be in a situation whereby, we can help children suffering from this debilitating and often fatal illness, an illness that is so often under estimated.

Millions of people in the UK are still missing out on the basic care they need to manage their Asthma, putting them at greater risk of having a potentially life-threatening Asthma attack.


George Coller Asthma Nurses

For the last 18 years, we have sponsored George Coller children’s Asthma nurses, to work in hospital settings, several being based at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Our nurses are outstanding clinical leads in Asthma care, working with Consultants, Doctors, schools, children and their families, giving support, advanced clinical practice and Education in this field. They also network, speaking at many meetings and conferences with other medical professionals, sharing their expertise around the U.K.

GCMF Nurses 2016

Emergency Inhaler Campaign

Over the years, we have launched several campaigns to implement better and safer Asthma care within schools, however, it soon became evident that more needed to be done.

We started a new campaign in 2002 to lobby the Government and Department of Health, urging them to consider developing a national service framework for Asthma.

The goal was to prioritise Asthma Care for children by implementing emergency inhalers within schools. After 10 years of continuous campaigning, we presented a petition to Downing Street.

In January 2012, we were delighted to learn that we had succeeded in getting the law changed, for emergency inhaler to be used in schools across the U.K.

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