Sunday 26th June 2022 – Malvern Hills Trek

Malvern Hills

You will remember last year Laura and Owen Widdowson told their story of when Owen was hospitalised due to his near fatal asthma attack when he was just 2 years old.

You will also remember how they took on the challenge of the completing the Couch-2-5K in aid of the charity.


This year to support the charity Laura, along with the help of her friend and colleague, David White, have decided to go that bit further and are organising a trek across the Malvern Hills.


So far they have got together a team of 15 people from Medical Accident Group to take part in the trek which is taking place on Sunday 26th June 2022.

The trek is described as a strenuous 9.5 miles and will take at least 5 hours to complete.

The trek follows the top of the Malvern Ridge from Chase End at the south to North Hill taking in the main summits.

The peak of the walk will be at 1394 feet with glorious views of Worcestershire.